Sly Ways To Get Someone Thinking About You When You’re Not Around

Getting someone to think about you more often isn’t always as difficult as the idea may seem, especially if you already have some kind of connection with them. While it may be a bit of a challenge to get this right, or rather more of a delicate balance, with a little confidence and the daring to try, you’re sure to be at the forefront of that person’s mind more often than not. Here are 3 tips that I’ve found to work quite well when it comes to getting someone to think about you.

1.) Call or Text them often While I’m not recommending that you turn into a stalker or a clingy, demanding person who begs for attention, sending someone a message once or twice a day to either initiate a conversation or even draw their attention to something funny or positive is a great way to stay in their mind. However, this will really depend on how well you know them already, as you don’t want to chase someone away who you’ve recently just met or don’t have a good relationship with already. Once you’ve established a good rapport, sending them a funny picture or even just a positive message now and then will be sure to keep you in their mind and help to build a stronger relationship.

2.) Don’t be afraid to share personal details with them A good way to show someone that you trust them and to keep you in their mind is by being able to share personal information with them. Obviously, this depends on the nature of the information and how comfortable you are sharing it with someone else (regardless of how long you’ve known each other or how strong your relationship already is). But sharing the intimate or personal details of your life or your feelings is a good way to show someone that you’re an open book and they’re more likely to trust you, and therefore think of you when it comes to their own feelings than when you’re a closed book or unemotional.

3.) Be confident Even if you’re not naturally a confident person, put on an act! People are naturally more attracted to confident people and you’re more likely to create a lasting impression in someone’s mind when you’re confident in your nature than if you’re shy or sluggish. Obviously, we’re all different and for some, being (or even acting) confident may require a lot more work or effort than usual. Either way, it’s definitely worth the effort if you’re trying to create a good, lasting and memorable impression on someone and once you’ve achieved that, the idea of you will linger in their minds for longer. Also, being humorous is a great way to help create a better impression in someone’s mind and humor can also help you if you’re not naturally confident. This shows that you’re a positive person. People also tend to remember things that make them laugh, so being positive is and humorous will always count in your favor.

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