A Feast To Remember

On Purim, there is a mitzvah to have a seuda, which translates to a meal. Some people go small or keep things simple, but not this chick. This year I went all out. We got together with three other families and cooked up a storm.

We first wanted to do an Asian theme, but that Asian theme soon turned into food truck theme. You may be wondering, what is a food truck theme? Well, I don’t know and neither did anyone else. We just made comfort food and a lot of it. Let me give you a break down of the entire menu. Wings, string beans, salad, ciabatta bread, pepper steak, Korean beef, and rice. There was more, but those are the mains. Oh, I almost forgot. There was meat Pizza. Basically, it was pulled beef on top of pizza dough. It was divine. Seriously.

The wings weren’t really eaten, but that’s because they weren’t hot. Wings are also extremely messy food. I tasted them though and they were good. I made the salad, Korean beef, and rice. Each was delicious in its own right. The salad had ramen noodles, avocados, craisins, and lettuce. It was coated with a sweet soy dressing. Simply exquisite.

Then my rice was amazing if I do say so myself. I first sauteed onions in a frying pan, after they were mostly cooked I added frozen cubes of garlic. I added about six cubes. It was definitely necessary and not overdoing it. I added two cups of rice and then water. Brought it to a boil. Covered on low for about twelve minutes and it was so good! It was honestly the best rice I ever made. I can never make any other type of rice.

I also made a Korean Beef. You may be thinking of some fancy meat, but I simply just used ground beef. I made five pounds of meat. That’s a lot. I cooked it in a slow cooker with brown sugar, soy sauce, tomato paste, salt, garlic, ginger. It was so good. I actually didn’t think the slow cooker would cook it fast enough, so I quickly transferred it to a pan to finish the meat off. I topped it with chopped scallions for a little sparkle. It was extremely delicious and I’m not lying. It was tied with the meat pizza. In terms of goodness.

Since it’s Purim, it’s a custom and actually considered a mitzvah to get drunk on wine. A pleasant drunk, not sloppy drunk. You can bet your bottom dollar that my husband was laying on two chairs at the table. We were there for four and a half hours. It was a fun time had by all. I even made hamentashen for dessert. Everything was amazing, including the company. There were tons of laughs. My daughter even had a good time hanging with her friends.


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