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Playing instruments from a young age is a very good way to spend time growing up. I started playing the fiddle when I was about twelve and kept with it for about four years. I was a fiddle fiend you see. I took it up mostly because I found I was good at it and music was easy enough to figure out. However, somewhere around high school I figured out that the fiddle is not as sexy as I would have hoped it to be. From there, I picked up the guitar and started strumming along. I could play enough songs where I could trick people into thinking I was good at it, without having the most comprehensive understanding of the instrument. Recently, I have been trying my hand at the piano and messing around with it. I was learning all the different keys when I realized  that most songs are just compilation of the same few keys, so if you play them in a random order it sounds like most songs out today. Above all, I think that learning how to play an instrument can be one of the most important skills to know. Everyone likes music, and everyone will like the person who can play the beautiful song on the guitar or play a solid composition on the piano. Not knowing how to play music would feel very limiting.

You can also get a lot of different jobs playing music. Playing for a movie or band can be very rewarding. Even if your band never takes off, it is still fun to play around with friends. Maybe the band does take off and that would be awesome. Making good music is not as hard as it seems. People will listen to almost anything these days. Making a catchy chorus and piecing it all together with a few key chords and the song is made. Does not even to be about anything that serious either. Most songs are about nothing if you listen closely. People will take their own meaning out of the song and create the deep meaning for you. The work is about done at that point. Many artists find their start on SoundCloud, which is a music app on the phone. Not that they really are much good, but people look for talent from many different avenues and will look for those who contain a sort of x factor that is looked for. Finding a good manager or agent is a big step. Finding the right person who can elevate your band to the best possible level is one of the most important parts of the music business. Juggling fame and fortune is a balancing act of its own. A rabbi once told me of how he used to play in a rock band and turned away from it when he saw his life heading in one direction that was dark and scary. From there he found religion and now lives in Jerusalem, so whether he took home a win is debatable in my opinion. I think I probably would have taken the millions.

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