Electronic Technicians

Whether or not it is convenient, it matters not. Your appliances will die on you at some point, and chances are it will be at a most inconvenient time, mainly because, well, it is never a convenient time to have a major appliace break down. We have grown accustomed to their place in our lives and in our homes, and yes – sometimes it can get pretty frustrating when they are on the fritz.

If I had the ability to figure things out, be a mr. fix it, and fuse metal, well, I suppose I would have no problem tackling these issues. But alas, at last check I found that I am only one man, and one who is not so technically inclined, and so I am able to admit when I am unable to cope. So I call a guy. Not just any guy – Mr. Fix It Guy!

When a professional of some kind – a technician, a tradesman, what have you – shows up, there is a certain level of proficiency and professionalism you expect to see while he or she works. And when that is not delivered, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. There was one case, a short while ago, where we invited someone over to trim our tree and hedges in the yard. There was a passionfruit bush that was completely beyond our control, and the neighbors had started to ask us to cut it down a bit. So we called mr. gardener guy. He shows up, and let me just note that I had stayed home just so I could be there in case he had any questions or ran into any problems. So, the guy shows up, completely messes up the job, and then acts a bit like a victim when I voice my dissatisfaction with his work. Amazing.

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